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Find freedom from life controlling habits, like smoking, gambling or drinking.

What others say

I've smoked for the last 14 years and never been able to quit. Joining a CAP Release Group has been great. A key thing has been the air of total trust; we can share with one another and know that it’s confidential to the group. We're genuinely becoming a group of friends combating our dependencies together.

James, CAP Release Group member

It took me a while to sign up. I wasn't sure if it was for me, but I did and it's helped massively! It’s helped me to understand why I turned to addiction. I gave myself six months to give up drinking but did it in three! Without Ian and Julie, I wouldn't be where I am today. I’d recommend a CAP Release Group to anyone.

Tracy, CAP Release Group member

I started the CAP Release Group after my partner did it because I saw how much it had changed her. Before, I was frightened of change, but CAP Release Groups helped open me up to change. Miracles don't happen over night, but the end result is fantastic. The future looks very bright for me.

Pat, CAP Release Group member

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