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a course to help you change your habits and find freedom from life controlling dependencies.

What others say

I've smoked for the last 14 years and never been able to quit. Joining Fresh Start has been great. A key thing has been the air of total trust; we can share with one another and know that it’s confidential to the group. We're genuinely becoming a group of friends combating our dependencies together.

James, Fresh Start member

Fresh Start changed my life; it helped me manage my emotions and my thinking. It helped me realise why I was so anxious about certain things and has taught me to be quite open about my thinking, rather than keeping everything to myself and trying to deal with things all on my own.

Karen, Fresh Start member

Before I did Fresh Start, I just bottled up my emotions and hid them. I didn’t realise that they had such a hold over me and my dependency. Now that I have completed the course, I have a sense of freedom.

Deyonne, Fresh Start member

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