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Phone appointments

Phone appointments

Hello! We hope you and your family are staying well during this unusual time. As Government guidelines around coronavirus (COVID-19) mean we’re not able to provide our usual face-to-face service right now, we’re doing things slightly differently to make sure you can continue to work with CAP and move towards becoming debt free.

You should now have had a phone call with your Debt Coach or arranged a time to speak on the phone.

Your next step is to watch the relevant videos below depending on the outcome of your conversation with your Debt Coach. There are two videos – one to help you upload your paperwork onto our temporary online system, and another to keep you up-to-date if you have been advised to take an insolvency route.


Help uploading your documents

This video will show you how to upload your paperwork to our online system. You’ll find out what you need to submit during your phone call with your Debt Coach. Please let your Debt Coach know if you have any questions.


Recommended Insolvency routes

Please watch this video if your Debt Coach has explained that your recommended route out of debt is a form of insolvency. You’ll need to select the relevant video for the region in which you live.


England, Wales and Northern Ireland Insolvency


Scottish Insolvency

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