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Beyond the BBC

The Debt Saviours

This October, CAP featured in BBC Two documentary The Debt Saviours, which followed the lives of some very brave CAP clients and frontline workers in the middle of the current UK poverty epidemic. It showed how CAP is committed to transforming lives in partnership with local churches across the UK.

Who we are

John Kirkby founded CAP in 1996, with his own experience of debt and his passion for seeing the UK Church in action laying the foundations for the charity. CAP has seen hundreds of thousands of families helped out of poverty, and continues to reach thousands of people each year through our expert debt help and group services tackling poverty and its causes.

To hear more about us, sign up for your free copy of Nevertheless, John’s rollercoaster journey of how CAP started.

What we do

Whether it’s money worries keeping you up at night, you just can’t seem to shake that bad habit, or you’re tired of going for job interviews that never get you anywhere – CAP has a service that can help you.

Holly’s story

Holly is one of our courageous clients whose story featured in The Debt Saviours. Before Holly got help from CAP, she spent every day in fear of bailiffs hammering on her door. Now, like thousands of others, her life is completely different. In fact, after the documentary aired, we had our busiest month on record, as more people than ever reached out to CAP for help.

You may think your situation is impossible, but there is always hope. Our specialist debt help and group services are free and local to you.

How you can help

Once a debt client himself, Gareth, who also featured in The Debt Saviours, is now our Bradford Central Debt Centre Manager. Every day he’s visiting clients in desperate need and restoring hope – and so can you.

Donate now

Thousands of people in desperate need contact our helpline every month. We’re only able to answer their calls because of incredibly generous supporters like you. Today, will you give and remind a family that there’s always hope? You could give a one off gift, or become a Life Changer by giving monthly.