CAP responds to the Autumn budget 2022

Westminster and the House of Commons
Whilst the Government commits to uprating social security, pensions, the benefit cap and the National Living Wage, millions are still set to face destitution this winter. 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has responded to calls from CAP and many other organisations to fulfil their commitment to uprate social security in line with inflation this April 2023. The Government has also committed to uprating the benefit cap, pensions, and the national living wage, as well as providing some targeted support to assist vulnerable households with energy bills. These represent significant wins for the organisations who have been tirelessly campaigning for changes in these areas. 

Whilst these commitments are welcome, millions of vulnerable households are still set to face destitution this winter and beyond. Households on means-tested benefits will receive £300 less in cost of living payments next year compared to this year. The flat rate of support in the Energy Price Guarantee and the cost of living payments announced also fail to account for different levels of need and leaves people with children, disabilities and in the private rental sector dangerously exposed to the terrible impacts of poverty. More must be done to protect vulnerable households through the cost of living crisis and beyond.

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