Thank you for your support in 2022

A Christmas thank you message to our Vision Sponsors, from CAP’s Chief of Engagement, Ellie Gage. 

Ellie: Well, hello, Vision Sponsors!

I wanted to record a quick update and a massive thank you to each of you for your ongoing support through 2022. It has been quite the year, hasn’t it? We’ve got a war in Europe, we’ve had political shenanigans at home, an energy crisis, shortage of workers causing food supply issues, the cost of living crisis uncertainty at every turn and those hit most hard are those trapped in poverty.

And so, the work of Christians Against Poverty has continued reaching out to those living in dark circumstances, but with the light of Jesus. And your support has meant this can happen.

For the eagle-eyed you will see that I am in a Premier Inn, in Scotland, where I have been working today looking to secure some more funding for CAP. The reality is that fundraising is really hard at the moment for all charities, we’re not alone. And so you need to know that every pound that you give is absolutely vital for our work and if you are able to give any more then please do.

I want to say thank you have a wonderful Christmas season. God bless you and let’s do this again together in 2023.