Older male smiling towards the camera with a Welsh flag hung behind him on the side of a building.

The best thing is being debt free! And having new friends and being able to help others! 

Will from Torfaen, now debt free 
We’ve been working in Wales for almost 20 years, supporting hundreds of people to become debt free. 

Our debt service is available across the southern part of Wales and we are pleased to be developing our services in the North of Wales, with our Menai service leading the way.

Alongside our Debt Help, we also provide two different group services: 

  • Job Clubs — helping people get back into employment.
  • Life Skills — helping people live well on a low income.

Don’t suffer alone. CAP didn’t just save my life, they got my children where they are today too! 

Julie from Port Talbot, now debt free 

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