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A former CAP client, now debt free. She has bright red hair and colourful top, and is smiling enthusiastically with her hands in the air.

It’s very important to speak out. I have done several interviews for radio and TV news and I know I have helped others in sharing my story! CAP really did save my life and get me out of the darkest place. 

Julie, after sharing her experiences of debt and poverty in South Wales 
We want people with experience of debt and poverty to be central to everything we do at CAP. 

For Julie, sharing about her experiences of being in debt for twenty years, and the help she received from CAP, has enabled her to contribute towards tackling the ruthless impact of poverty.

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CAP really helped me. You wouldn’t believe how much my mental health suffered and how I feel now. I’m a changed woman. I’m a changed mother. It’s important to speak out not only for your mental health but for your family and yourself. 

We want to create opportunities for you to use your voice and share about how debt and poverty have impacted you, or share how you have been helped through working with CAP.

We want you to be part of the mission to end UK poverty.

You could use your experiences to contribute in many different ways:

Sharing your stories of working with CAP to promote CAP services and encourage and inform supporters across the UK, through video/​photography/​written content on print, web or social media. 

Speaking up about your experiences of debt/​poverty related issues and promoting CAP via the media. e.g. News articles, TV clips, radio slots.

Using your experience of debt and poverty, or CAP services, as part of decision making for new projects. e.g. Working with CAP staff to make improvements to CAP’s debt help service.

Talking with external groups about the things that have influenced your experience of debt/​poverty e.g. cost of gas/​electricity, benefit cap, amount of Universal Credit received, and being part of creating solutions for the future.

I believe there is hope for a future where poverty doesn’t exist and people can live their lives free from the despair it causes, if we all do our bit. 

Julie, who has lived experience of debt and poverty 

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