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Our impact

Our service literally saves lives. It keeps families together, relieves stress, restores health, keeps families in their homes, provides friendship and can connect people to church and to the God that loves them.

A picture of debt in the UK

70% of people with debt feared losing their home

24% said debt led to a total relationship breakdown

76% of people with debt sacrificed meals

61% of people with debt waited over 1 year before seeking help

42% were prescribed medication to help them deal with the stress of debt

62% of people with children said debt affected their ability to clothe or feed them adequately

78% of people said debt affected their relationship

78% said their health suffered due to the stress of debt

Our impact

1,085 people became debt free

7,680 people are estimated to have attended a CAP Money Course

2,052 self help packs sent out

5,240 existing clients were also supported throughout 2011

5,240 existing clients were also supported throughout 2011

15,438 calls asking for debt help

5,028 clients received initial debt advice

5,385 home visits

1,850 emergency food parcels supplied

Your impact

CAP is a family made up of staff, volunteers and supporters. We can only give hope and change to thousands of people's lives when everyone plays their part. We need you to join in today so we can open more debt help centres to turn debt and despair into hope and new life for thousands more people.


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