'CAP has given me back my husband, my family, my life and my faith, which debt had taken hostage.'

Sharon, Cookstown

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Poverty just loves to destroy lives. It breaks families apart, isolates people from friends and family, shatters confidence and drives many to think that suicide is the only way out.
UK poverty is real, with millions locked in its miserable grip. We’re not prepared to sit back and let it wreak havoc across our nation.

In a just and compassionate society, no one should be trapped in their home, afraid to open the door or answer the phone. No one should wake up wondering where they’ll find the money to feed their children or heat their home. No one should have to be alone, especially when times are tough.

That’s why CAP is on a mission. To restore hope for those who are lost and hurting. In partnership with incredible local churches across the UK, we’re bringing life-changing freedom and good news to people in desperate need.

Always through the Church. Always hope.

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What we do...

Our head office in Bradford is home to over 300 staff who form an incredible poverty busting team. Join charity founder John Kirkby on a tour of CAP and see just what it takes to give UK poverty the boot.

CAP International

Personal debt is a serious problem all over the developed world, so CAP has been invited to help other countries. In addition to CAP UK, our international family is now made up of CAP Australia, CAP New Zealand, CAP Canada and CAP America.

CAP Australia

CAP Australia

CAP Australia

Since 2000, CAP Oz has been changing lives. Today, it’s Australia’s largest free ‘to your door’ debt management charity, with centres right across the country dedicated to lifting people out of poverty.


CAP New Zealand

CAP New Zealand

CAP New Zealand

CAP NZ was launched in March 2008 to provide free help out of poverty for New Zealanders. With a network of CAP centres run through local churches, it’s proud to be tackling one of the country’s biggest social issues.


CAP Canada

CAP Canada

CAP Canada

CAP Canada launched in April 2013 with a vision to answer the problem of debt in Canada by having at least one CAP Debt Centre in every major town and city in the country.


CAP America

CAP America

CAP America

The USA is the latest country where Christians Against Poverty has begun working. Based in Chicago, CAP America is in the process of launching its first centres to tackle debt and poverty.


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