Young couple, Tim and Sue, sat at a coffee shop table with their Job Club Coach, Nick

We got so connected with the people there, not just the practical parts, but also they were a great support for us – we’ve both made really good friends. It boosted [Sue’s] confidence, and all the things we discussed at the job club were all so useful and practical; and it still helps us today. 

Tim and Sue, who attended their local job club 
Your local job club is a friendly place where you’ll get practical help and gain the tools you need to find work. 

It’s a friendly place where you can meet like-minded people local to you, while gaining the skills and support you need to find a job you’ll love. 

Being unemployed can be hard to navigate on your own, but being part of one of our job clubs means you face the challenge with other people in similar situations.

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I found it really really encouraging meeting other people who were out of work – we encouraged each other. 

Karen, who attended her local job club 

What to expect at a job club

Your local job club meets weekly. You’ll follow an eight-week course that will give you all the tools you need to find work, from writing a CV that employers won’t be able to resist, to brushing up on those all-important interview skills.

All of our job clubs are run by trained volunteers who understand the challenges you are facing when looking for work, and who really want you to succeed. You will not only have group support but your Job Club Coach will spend time helping you achieve your personal goals.

All our services are completely free! We’re able to provide free services because CAP is a charity and receives donations from churches and individuals who want to help people.

No. CAP will help anyone regardless of their religion or beliefs.

We monitor our services to make sure that everybody receives the same caring service regardless of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.

If your friend or loved one is looking for employment and you think a job club could help, use our postcode search to find your local job club. If there is a job club nearby, your loved one will need to get in touch themselves.

How job clubs can help you

Hear from past job club members how CAP has helped them

When I became unemployed it’s that shame factor. That was the big barrier for me, I felt quite ashamed. I often found that I was not being shortlisted for jobs. I was competing against many people with similar or more suitable backgrounds. You feel like you lose your skills as well, the longer you stay out of work. I felt very disempowered.

Our job club aims to give people the skills and confidence to get back into the world of work. We do this by running dedicated sessions on CVs, interview skills, job search techniques. 

We run one-to-one support, guidance, and mentoring to really get alongside people and find out what we can do to help and I think that’s what really differentiates us from other job clubs. It’s just overcoming that initial step, to take that step and go along somewhere. It pointed me in directions, it gave me hope, it was saying, look, explore this, explore that.’

Where I was very limited and closed, and said, I’ve done this all my life, that’s all I know. So job club opened it up for me, and said, you can do all of these.’

The job club was good in a number of ways, in terms of the actual support that you got, the fact that you were there with people in a similar position to yourself, it made you feel that you weren’t alone as well as time to concentrate on things like writing your CV or interview skills.

I found it really, really encouraging meeting people who were also out of work so we encouraged each other, it wasn’t just the advisers encouraging us, we encouraged each other. I’d recommend CAP Job Clubs for the friendship that they offer and for the specialist help that they offer.I think that it’s a brilliant balance of the two.

Job clubs really work. At our first job club, five out of nine people got into jobs or self-employment. CAP job clubs run all up and down the country. We’d love to welcome you along to your local CAP job club.

Meet others in similar situations

We know how hard it can be to stay motivated when you’re searching for work, especially when you’re on your own. You’ll meet other people in similar situations, who understand what you’re going through, and will support and encourage you along the way.

The tools you need to find work

Our eight-session course will walk you through each step of the job hunting process; from identifying your strengths and skills, right through to writing a great CV and learning how to succeed in an interview.

One-to-one informal support

Your dedicated Job Club Coach will spend time helping you to set goals, and identify and tackle any areas you are struggling with.

Connect with local employers

Past members have enjoyed hearing first hand from employers, who give insider tips on what they’re looking for in a candidate. Some members have even gone on to find work through these new contacts.

I’d recommend job clubs for the friendship and the specialist help they offer – I think it’s a brilliant balance of the two. 

David, who went along to his local job club 
Two males chatting and smiling in a cafe holding cups of coffee with a book open.

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