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Our vision

As we look to the future, we’re launching a fresh expression of Christians Against Poverty’s vision. This is the world we want to see. This is the world we passionately seek. It’s a big vision, and it starts with people like you.

Transformed lives

We want to see people across the UK released from poverty, living with faith in Jesus and hope for the future.

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Thriving churches

We want to see churches that have become the beating heart of their communities, actively serving them and bringing the hope of Jesus.

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An end to UK poverty

We want to see a hope-filled society, free from poverty, with churches united to improve the lives of those facing debt and financial hardship.

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People ask me how I’ve come through so much and I say, ‘because of Jesus’

Trish: I was left with a lot of debt after an abusive relationship ended. I felt like I wasn’t able to support my family and I couldn’t see a way out.

A friend who had been helped by CAP gave me the number to call (0800 328 0006). Jo [local CAP Debt Coach] listened and prayed with me. She said there was nothing that couldn’t be sorted, which gave me the confidence to keep going.

I’m now debt free, and I also went on a CAP Money Course. My faith has grown too. I wouldn’t have been able to cope if I hadn’t turned to God. Now I’m a CAP Life Skills Coach and I help at my church’s mother and toddler group. I’ve enjoyed teaching others, learning from them, and spreading the word of the Lord.

I felt like I wasn’t able to support my family and I couldn’t see a way out.

Matt: In 2014, Highworth Churches Together decided to set up a CAP Debt Centre. We had a heart to be salt and light to people who are struggling, and we realised God’s love has to look like something.

CAP has given us an opportunity to meet people, offer friendship and be there with them beyond the practical stuff.

To me, a thriving church is one that is giving away. It’s about what has been passed along. It’s seeing people change. And since launching, we’ve seen hope return to 60 households as they became debt free, and more than 40 clients introduced to the love of Jesus.

My wife Kathryn (our CAP Debt Centre Manager) says, ‘We love getting to walk into someone’s home with Jesus, the hope of glory. CAP is a wonderful “bridge” that connects us to people in our community we might not otherwise meet’.

It all starts with a small stone being thrown in the water that creates the big ripples.

Gareth and Anthony come from very different backgrounds, but share a drive to see lasting change. Here’s how they’re advocating for an end to UK poverty.

Anthony (pictured): As a former client, I experienced firsthand how passionate CAP is about making things equal for people in society. I’ve been able to give back by sharing my story, working with the media and speaking directly to MPs.

The whole experience has ignited something in my heart. I want to continue advocating for an end to UK poverty. I believe change starts with a small stone being thrown in the water that creates big ripples. The more people we can get to come together, the louder our voice will be.

Gareth: As head of CAP’s External Affairs team, I get to influence how the UK works for people facing problem debt and poverty. I’ve recently been part of negotiating a framework for the first ever regulator of enforcement agents (bailiffs) in England and Wales.

At CAP, we serve those in need and challenge the systems that enable poverty to persist. We combine the expertise of those who have learned about poverty, and those like Anthony who have lived through it, to transform people, churches and society.

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