Support with the cost of living

At a cafe: a young black family of three are at the counter where a white lady with a mask on is offering them the card payment machine. The young girl is holding out her hand with a card to pay.
Where to find support with the cost of living crisis including how to access your local food bank, how to save money on energy bills and how to find out if you’re entitled to the cost of living payment. 

What benefits can you claim? Use our benefits calculator to find out

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How to find support in the cost of living crisis

Do you know what help’s available to you in the rising cost of living?

How to access your local food bank

Find out what to expect when you get there.

I’m struggling to pay energy bills, what support is available?

You can access support in several different ways.

Am I eligible for the Government’s cost of living payment?

Find out if you could receive money to help with the cost of living.

5 ways to save gas at home

Read our 5 easy ways to save gas at home.

Am I eligible for the Winter Heating Payment in Scotland?

See if you qualify and how much you can expect to receive.

Am I eligible for the Scottish Child Payment?

Your guide to Scottish Child Payment.

Five ways to save money and the planet

Food shopping tricks to save money and the planet

Four top tips for the cost of living crisis

Top tips to help you save money during the cost of living crisis.

Benefits Calculator 


Of unclaimed benefits have been found so far.

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You could be entitled to benefits you don’t know about. Use the free Turn2us benefits calculator to check if you’re missing out on important financial support.

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