Practical resources

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CAP’s free, practical video resources are an easy way to help support you and your community with the stresses of day to day life. 

Our bitesize video sessions are ready to equip and support you and your community to move forward in life. Learn how to create healthy habits, practical CV and interview techniques, and tips on how to deal with anxiety and depression alongside other helpful topics.

Anxiety and worry

We all worry, but it becomes a problem when these feelings take over. This session will help you to reduce the impact.

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Handling loss

We can struggle with feelings of loss for all sorts of reasons. This session will help you to deal with loss in a healthy way.

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Writing a CV

Look at what makes a great CV and how this can be practically applied to give a brilliant first impression.

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Lifting financial pressure

This session will guide you through ways to build a budget, take control of your money and reduce the pressure.

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Interview skills

Helping you to understand the importance of preparation and presenting yourself well in an interview.

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Discovering your strengths

This session will help you to identify your own individual strengths and skills, drawing on personal and professional experiences.

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Making your money go further

This session will teach you how to stick to your budget and save money when shopping with practical tips and advice.

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Handling habits

Good and bad habits play a part in all of our lives. Explore how to understand, recognise and respond to habits.

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A healthy you

Taking care of our mind is as important as looking after our body. Look at some practical tips for staying healthy.

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Yes! We offer additional facilitator resources, such as guidance on activities and discussions, to allow you to run these as group sessions for your church or community. Fill out the form and you’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to access your free resources.