Lifelines to safety

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I thought of burying my head in the sand and thinking it would go away. It obviously didn’t go away, and the letters just kept coming. 

– Janice, now debt free through CAP 
Our latest research explores why credit is too often the only lifeline for people in difficult times, and accessible routes to safety. 

Credit is too often the only available source of help for people in difficulty. With over 4 million people in the UK now depending on credit to make ends meet, much more needs to be done to help people achieve financial security and freedom – both now and in the future.

Lifelines to safety unpacks the reasons why people are pushed towards credit to get them through financial storms, and how we can offer accessible routes to safety.

Before we were in debt but we could still have a reasonable standard of living. Now we don’t have anything. We’re struggling to fund food and clothing just to live and to pay the ongoing bills. Me and my wife are finding that we are having less and less food on our plates so the kids can have the amount that they need. 

– Shaun, CAP client 

Key statistics

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4 million 
people in the UK depend on credit to make ends meet 
of UK adults have borrowed money this year in the face of rising costs 
1 in 3 
CAP clients were unaware they could ask for payment holidays on their household bills to help them in a crisis 
of CAP clients have had to turn to credit to cope with a financial or personal crisis 
of CAP clients have had to use credit to cope with an unaffordable household bill 
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1 in 10 
CAP clients have used a digital Buy Now Pay Later’ lender, which is currently unregulated 

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