Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury

We are really excited to announce that Archbishop Justin Welby has chosen to become a patron of Christians Against Poverty! Watch his video below to find out why he chose CAP.

Why did you choose CAP?

CAP deals in helping people to get free of the prison of debt and it's something I feel passionately about. Having seen them at work and how effective they are, I wanted to be a patron and to support them in any way I could.

What do you like about CAP?

First of all, they tackle the issues where they really exist. They tackle the things that destroy families and lead people into the prison of debt. They go to people’s homes, not just to tell people what to do, but to give them a sense of ownership and liberation too. Secondly, they are linked to local churches. Over 20% of CAP branches link, in some way, to a Church of England church, and all of them link to Christian churches. Thirdly, they are adventurous and exciting in what else they are trying to do to free people from poverty.

What do you think of CAP's partnership with the local church?

It's really exciting because it means there's a community for those who want it. CAP don’t force people into the church or anything like that, but they offer them scope to find the support and love of a Christian community. That's wonderful.

What would you say to others about CAP?

I hope you'll support CAP, and if you are struggling with debt I hope you'll have the confidence to go and ask them for help. They are serious, highly professional, deeply committed and, above all, they will treat you as a human being of infinite value, loved by God, who just needs some help to find your own way forward.

John Kirkby

​Founder & International Director

Through working in the consumer finance industry for 17 years, John was able to gain valuable management experience and knowledge that equipped him with the skills he required to build Christians Against Poverty in the UK and now also in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. John is the International Director of Christians Against Poverty, speaking and working across the world to challenge people to reach out to the poor and needy. Read more of his story here.

Matt Barlow

UK Chief Executive

​Matt joined CAP at the beginning of 1999 and, having spent seven years building the systems and infrastructure to support CAP’s growth, was appointed Chief Executive in 2006. As well as navigating CAP through significant growth, Matt was recently named as 'Best Leader' in The Sunday Times Best Small Company to Work For awards.

Chris Brown

Director of Services

Chris joined CAP in 2008, initially as a caseworker, before shortly joining the debt centres team overseeing the London and the South East region. In 2012, Chris became the Director of Debt Centres, overseeing the network through the regional and area manager team. At the start of 2016, Chris became the Director of Services, overseeing and leading all of our key services, debt centres, job clubs, release groups and CAP’s new service life skills. Chris has a passion for the local church, to see them equipped to bring sustainable poverty relief and the Love of Jesus to all the people we help.

Simon Wilce

Director of Client Services

Simon joined CAP as a caseworker in 2003 upon completing his Law degree. After working up to manage multiple departments, he moved abroad to take up the role of National Director of CAP New Zealand in 2009, where he saw the charity grow from partnering with four churches to nearly 200. Simon returned to the UK in 2013 to take up his current role as Director of Client Services. He has a real passion for seeing the church empowered to reach out to those in need in every corner of the world.

Josie Barlow

Communications Director​

Josie worked for two years in a project management capacity in the Dominican Republic, then spent a year working as a fundraiser for the Countryside Agency before moving to Bradford to work for CAP in 1999. For nine years, Josie led the fundraising and communications departments of the charity, helping to take CAP from an annual income of £238k to £3.1m. Since 2008, Josie has specialised in communications, leading the teams who spread CAP’s message to inspire people to give and get involved.​

Sian Wrangles

​Partnership Director

​Sian’s passion to see churches equipped to reach their communities brought her to CAP in 2001. She is still driven by that same passion as she now leads the team who inspire churches and individuals to partner with the work of CAP financially and practically. Sian’s background is in International Development Studies and evangelism, and as a strategic thinker, she counts it a huge privilege to be part of the team shaping the future growth and development of CAP in the UK and internationally.

Ellie Gage

Director of People, Culture and Fun

Ellie joined CAP in 2005 from a background in the legal and financial sectors, and has since worked her way through the support services side of the charity to her current role. Her passion for CAP is in the way that it takes people from a point of desperation and transforms them into people with hope for the future. Ellie leads a strategy of fun in the workplace, believing that CAP will only be able to really make an impact and help others if we have a workforce that are themselves well cared for.

Andy Thomas

​Finance Director

​Andy has over 30 years experience of working for diverse organisations, from family run businesses to French multi-nationals. As a Chartered Management Accountant, this experience is vital as the charity continues its rapid growth. Andy found CAP in 2001 and ran a CAP Debt Centre for two years in his home town of Rochdale. Through this, he saw first hand the misery that debt causes and the life transforming service that CAP offers. In 2006, he took on the role of Finance Director, implementing many new systems and seeing God provide in miraculous ways.

Jon Day

IT Director

Jon started his career in technology at a US investment bank before leaving after a few years to join the charity sector. He has managed IT projects and programmes at Christian Aid and the British Red Cross. Before joining CAP in 2014, he headed up planning and reporting at the Red Cross working with the CEO and senior team on charity wide strategy. Jon's family were CAP Life Changers for many years and Jon increasingly hoped to be able to join CAP one day. Jon is passionate about using technology to enable CAP to bring hope, life and freedom to those who are desperately in need of it.

Dan Lane

Head of CEO’s and Founder’s Offices

Dan joined Christians Against Poverty in 2007 and worked directly supporting people in finding freedom from debt. Having spent three years working in and then managing teams within Client Services, Dan moved to work as Executive Assistant to the Founder and the CEO. From there he worked on a variety of projects charity wide, including leading the launch of the CAP Job Club and CAP Release Group services. Now Dan works as an extension to the offices of the Founder and the CEO to provide leadership, management and support to a wide range of teams and projects. He is driven by the transformation that happens when people find hope and freedom through CAP’s services.

Peter Green

​Trustee Director - Chairman

​Peter is a Chartered Financial Planner and brings a wealth of business experience, having owned his own Financial Services Company for over 20 years. Peter is also a trustee of several other charities working to relieve poverty and oppression.

Tim Morfin

Trustee Director

​Tim is a management graduate with experience of organisational development in a large multinational company. From his previous commercial experience, he brings a particular focus upon human resources and strategic planning. For the past ten years, Tim has been Chief Executive of TLG – a national Christian charity educating young people at risk of exclusion from school. Tim's passion is for the Church to be engaged fully in its locality, sharing the love of God in very practical ways, bringing hope and enabling change.

Lisa Pearce

Trustee Director

Lisa is CEO at Open Doors UK and Ireland. Lisa began her career as a graduate trainee at Reuters, where she eventually became product manager for UK and Ireland equity markets. There followed various management roles at the NHS and in telecoms, leading to Head of Negotiations and Development at a major telecoms company. In 2006, Lisa was asked to join the Board of Open Doors because of her background in business development. Lisa joined the staff team in 2009 first as COO and then Deputy CEO, and in December 2014 she was appointed to the role of CEO. Lisa is passionate about mission, mercy and justice, and supporting the persecuted Church. Lisa lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and three children.

Matthew Frost

Trustee Director

​Matthew has been Chief Executive of Tearfund since October 2005. Previously, he worked for DFES and McKinsey, where he specialised in strategy and organisational leadership. He has served overseas with Medair in a leadership capacity and set up their aid programme in Afghanistan. Matthew is married to Katharine, has four young children and is a member of Holy Trinity Church in Claygate, Surrey.

Andrew Parker

Trustee Director

​Andrew is a Chartered Accountant and has significant experience in advising charities, particular those with a Christian ethos. He has over thirty years experience in advising small and medium sized businesses and operates a small firm of Chartered Accountants in Bradford. Andrew has a heart for the poor and needy and has been involved with CAP for a number of years.

Ian Nundy

Trustee Director - Pastor Representative

​Ian is the leader of New Horizons Church, the home of our Dewsbury CAP Debt Centre. New Horizons is a church committed to reaching its community, and has been working in partnership with CAP since 2003. Ian has seen many lives transformed through the service offered by the debt centre in his church during that time. With our partner churches being such key stakeholders, Ian offers a unique insight into how CAP interacts with and supports the local church.

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