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Poverty is ruthless. Will you fight back? Together, we can end UK poverty.

These course videos are for use as part of the CAP Job Clubs course, run in partnership with local churches across the UK. 

Please don’t send this page on to anyone else — community is a big part of CAP Job Clubs and if you’re not part of a CAP Job Club we’d love you to become part of one so you can receive the support, resources and coaching, alongside these training videos. If you would like join one, many churches are running online courses. Use the search box at the bottom of this page to find a CAP Job Club near you.

Finding your motivation

Finding your motivation — part one
Finding your motivation — part two

Overcoming the obstacles

Overcoming the obstacles — part one
Overcoming the obstacles — part two

Discovering your strength

Discovering your strength

Getting to know employers

Getting to know employers — part one
Getting to know employers — part two

Writing CVs and applications

Writing CVs and applications — part one
Writing CVs and applications — part two

Succeeding in interviews

Succeeding in interviews

Getting ready for work

Getting ready for work — part one
Getting ready for work — part two

Interview examples

Interview example 1
Interview example 2
Interview example 3

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