Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into some of CAP’s most frequently asked questions and how to access face to face support. 

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, for more information on our overall organisation and debt services. If you’re seeking more details about our services or how we can help you with a specific issue, you’ve come to the right place. Look below to find our responses to the questions regularly posed by our client. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our support team below for a more personalised response.

Am I eligible for help from CAP?

There are a few different circumstances which mean our debt service may not be suitable for you, including if you’re self-employed as described above, you’ve got no income or you’ve already got an IVA. 

Take a look at our eligibility criteria to see if you qualify for our debt service.

I’m self-employed. Can I access CAP’s debt service?

Unfortunately, if you are self-employed our debt service will be unsuitable for you, as this is an area of debt advice we do not specialise in. 

If you have been previously self-employed and the business is completely wound down, we will be able to support you with any debts you are personally liable for if you meet our other criteria too.

We advise contacting another organisation like Business Debtline or PayPlan if you’re self-employed.

Find other organisations we recommend here.

Does it cost anything?

All our services are completely free! We are able to provide free services because CAP is a charity. We’re funded through donations from churches and individuals who want to help people and these donations help us provide our free, accredited debt advice service.

Do I have to be a Christian to use your services?

No. CAP will help anyone regardless of their religious beliefs.

CAP is committed to our services being accessible and inclusive. We support people from all faiths. We do not discriminate by age, gender reassignment, being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant or on maternity leave, disability, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount of debt that you can help with?

No. You may access our debt help service no matter how much debt you have.

Does CAP provide emergency aid?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide emergency assistance such as gas and electric top ups or help with food or household items if you are not receiving help from us through our debt service. 

We may be able to provide some advice or emergency assistance to clients who are already receiving help through our debt service, but this is on a case by case basis. 

I need emergency assistance, where can I get help?

If you need help accessing food, you may be able to get some emergency food items at your local food bank. Find out how you can access your local food bank.

If you need support with gas and electric top ups, your local council may be able to help you get a fuel voucher. You could visit the Fuel Bank Foundation if you’re located in England, Wales or Scotland. If you’re located in England, Wales or Northern Ireland you could also visit National Energy Action for advice.

If you’re a CAP client, ask your Debt Coach for advice. 

Find out how you can get other support here.

Does CAP provide grants?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide grants or financial assistance.

If you are a church looking to open a CAP service and research what funding is available, have a read of our church partnership pages.