Before your first appointment

Please watch this video before your first phone appointment with your local Debt Coach. 

Well done for taking the brave step to get in touch with CAP!

Our Founder, John Kirkby, and some of our previous CAP clients would like to welcome you and tell you a bit more about what your journey with CAP will look like.

Hi there, my name is John Kirkby, and together with my wife, Lizzie, we founded Christians Against Poverty.

Firstly, I want to say well done for taking the first step towards finding help with your debt. You’re probably feeling weighed down by your finances and struggling to see any way out. I want to tell you, that we are here to help you. The truth is, there is always a solution, a future, and a hope, no matter how bad things look right now. I know this because I’ve been there.

I was once trapped in debt, struggling to provide for my two children, facing a life sentence of poverty. That experience, and realising that there was hope, led me to begin Christians Against Poverty. We started out in a home office, but as you will see, we’ve grown to become a national charity that’s helping thousands of people just like you across the UK.

Lorraine: Hadn’t paid my Council Tax, hadn’t paid my car insurance, I hadn’t paid the dog’s insurance, I haven’t paid anything, anything at all, nothing.

Sharon: And when the letters used to come, it used to look like jubidy-jub to me, all on a piece of paper. It was just like, wow!

Reg: We just didn’t know where to turn. I mean we didn’t, you know what we were going to do here. We can’t go on like this.

Maurice: It’s an unreal situation, and you run away. You put your head in the sand.

John: If we have a Debt Centre in your area, one of our friendly Debt Coaches can come to visit you at home, and explain more about how CAP could help you, get free from your debt. Then we’ll gather your financial information and send it to our head office here in Bradford. We have a team of around a hundred, trained, understanding and compassionate Debt Advisors who can put together a budget for you and start to negotiate with the people you owe money to.

Maurice: It was a case of here are your options. Here’s what we should do. What do you think?

Sharon: They gave me all the options, they gave me everything. Every inch of the way they were just in contact with me.

Janice: And it makes you very, very grateful. Very humble-

Reg: Very humble, yeah-

Janice: People are doing that to help you.

John: You won’t have to deal with your creditors any more. We’ll take care of that for you. Then we’ll work out, what’s the best option for you to become debt free. When you’ve decided the one that’s right for you, we’ll make sure you have all the support you need to become completely debt free. The service doesn’t cost you a penny because we are funded by churches and people who care.

What’s more, you’ll never be judged and always be listened to. After more than twenty years of getting thousands of people out of debt, just like you, we’ve seen it all. We simply want to help you because we believe poverty shouldn’t be the end of your story. We want to give you the best chance at a debt free, fresh start in life.

Sharon: Got a phone call, to say like, you are now debt free, and it was so amazing when you hear the bells ringing. And everybody cheering in the background going yay!

Lorraine: He was more excited than I was, as well. We were both like on the phone going yay! It was such a relief.

Maurice: I honestly feel like now, there’s just this weight coming off and you think, from being lost and a downward spiral to seeing a way forward.

Sharon: So it doesn’t matter whatever situation you are actually going through. Pick up the phone, call CAP. And they can, they can change your life.

John: So how do you get this help? First of all, use the postcode checker on this web page, to see if we have a Debt Centre in your area. If we do, give our free helpline a call. On 0800 328 0006 where one of our caring team will be there, to help. If you want to be one of the thousands we help every year, simply call that number now. Please, let us help you.