Before your first appointment

Please watch this video before your first phone appointment with your local Debt Coach. 

Well done for taking the brave step to get in touch with CAP!

Tanya from our expert head office team, and some of our previous CAP clients would like to welcome you and tell you a bit more about what your journey with CAP will look like.

Tanya: Well done for taking the first step towards finding help with your debt. No matter how bad things look right now, we are here to help you. CAP has been providing free, expert debt help since 1996, supporting tens of thousands of people, just like you, through their journey out of debt.

Lorraine: Hadn’t paid my Council Tax. Hadn’t paid my car insurance. I hadn’t paid the dog’s insurance. I hadn’t paid anything. Anything at all, nothing.

Sharon: And when the letters used to come, it used to look like jubady-jub to me, all on a piece of paper. It was just like, wow.

Reg: We just didn’t know where to turn. I mean, we didn’t know. What we’re gonna do here, you know? We can’t go on like this.

Maurice: It’s an unreal situation and you run away, and you put your head in the sand.

Tanya: If there is a CAP Debt Centre in your area, one of our friendly Debt Coaches will visit you at home, alongside another local volunteer. They will share how CAP can help you get out of debt and answer any questions you have, before gathering your all-important financial information. This will be passed to our team of expert debt advisors who will create a manageable, realistic budget just for you.

Janice: When we knew there was somebody who was going to come to the house, it was all confidential. You didn’t have to go anywhere. That was a real selling point.

Sharon: She goes, They’re meant to help with your debts, and there’s not a cost. It’s done by a charity’. I was like, What?’

Maurice: But what’s the catch? There’s no catch.

Tanya: We’re committed to providing a service where you never feel judged and always feel listened to. Together, we’ll decide what options you have to become debt free as quickly and easily as possible. And it won’t cost you anything, because our service is funded by churches and individuals who care. You will have the final say on the option that’s right for you and we’ll be there to support you all the way to becoming debt free.

Lorraine: I got a phone call to say like, you are now debt free’, and it was so amazing. He was more excited than I was as well. We were both like, on the phone going, Yay!’. It was such a relief.

Maurice: I honestly feel it now, the weight coming off of you. From being lost and in a downward spiral to seeing a way forward.

Sharon: So it doesn’t matter whatever situation you’re actually going through. Pick up the phone, call CAP, and they can change your life.

Tanya: To start your journey out of debt with CAP’s support, simply enter your postcode to see if there’s a debt centre in your area, then give us a call free of charge on 0800 328 0006 to book an appointment. Your story doesn’t end with debt. There is joy, hope and life ahead, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you on the day you become debt free.