Creating an Administration Order

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All you need to know about creating an Administration Order with CAP’s help. 

You can pay back your debts through a plan overseen by the court, which protects you from any further action from your creditors. We can help you apply for an Administration Order if it’s the best route for you.

Please note, this option is only available to those living in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

To be eligible for an Administration Order you must:

  • Have debts that total less than £5,000
  • Owe money to more than one creditor
  • Have a county court judgement (CCJ) against one of your debts
  • Have a sustainable budget so you can make monthly payments to the Administration Order

If further debt comes to light and you owe more than £5,000, your Administration Order may be cancelled.

How do I create an Administration Order?

1. Applying for an Administration Order

If an Administration Order is right for you, CAP will fill in a court form on your behalf. You’ll need to sign this and take it with you to the court, along with some paperwork.

The application may be approved there and then by the court officers, but occasionally the district judge will need to approve the application themselves.

2. Hearing

In a few cases, the court may request a hearing if the judge thinks one is necessary or if one of the creditors objects to the Administration Order. 

The court will set a hearing date to determine whether an Administration Order should be made, which you’ll need to attend.

3. Repayments begin

If the court concludes that an Administration Order should be made, then the court will look at your income and expenditure and set you a rate of repayment. This will normally be done without the need for a hearing and you and your creditors will have 16 days in which to write to the court with any objections. You will be told how and when to pay the court.

If your repayment will take a long time, the court may grant a Composition Order, reducing the amount you owe and limiting the time you need to make repayments for.

4. Debt free

At the end of the Administration Order, you’ll be debt free.


An Administration Order lasts as long as it takes to repay your debts, or until your Composition Order ends.

Administration Orders are entered on the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines where they remain for six years. Record of your Administration Order will also appear on your credit report for six years, which could affect your ability to take out credit during this time.

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