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Serve your community with money coaching, and help them experience the freedom that comes from feeling in control of their finances. 

What is money coaching?

Through money coaching, you can help your community build the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve their financial wellbeing.

CAP’s money coaching toolkit features 100 minutes of expert teaching across 23 bitesize videos, alongside top quality print resources and brilliant online budgeting tools.

Money coaching typically takes place over three or four group sessions facilitated by a trained Money Coach within your church community. It’s designed to run alongside any other ministries or services you offer in your church such as small groups or food banks. It can also be offered one to one.

It’s a simple, low cost way to serve your community and help them experience the freedom that comes from feeling in control of their finances.

In 2023:

people received money coaching through their local church 
active money coaching churches at the end of December 2023 
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new churches partnered with CAP to deliver money coaching 
A sneak preview of money coaching

Olga: You and your church can help people to find the freedom that comes with confident control of their finances.


Esther: Fantastic

Tynah: Let’s do it.


Olga: In the UK today, 20 million adults admit to having struggled with their finances. That’s about 1 in every 3of us. So how do we stay in control of our money in a world that wants to control it for us?

I’ve got a team of the greatest money experts in their fields ready and waiting to share their wisdom.


Ngonie: We’ll go through a few different examples if that’s okay with you.

Olga: Yes, please.


Tynah: Managing money and mastering your money is about being able to enjoy life.

Olga: I love that.


Olga: That’s brilliant. Do you know what, Peter, I think even I’ve understood that.


Olga: Money coaching can support your existing church activities, empowering people with the skills, tools, and confidence to get their finances back on track.

Money coaching from Christians Against Poverty gives you a simple, flexible, and professional set of tools so you can deliver the help that’s right for your community.

What’s included?

Through a series of videos, group discussions and activities, your community will receive up-to-date, expert advice on different topics that will help them navigate their day-to-day finances. 

Money coaching topics include:

  • How to build and balance a household budget

  • How to structure finances using a system proven to work 

  • Ways to save more and get the most out of spare cash

  • How to use credit wisely and navigate unmanageable debt

  • Exploring the difference between essential and optional expenses and finding ways to realistically cut costs

  • Unlimited access to a mobile-friendly budget worksheet

We’ll provide tools and resources to help you publicise your course and ongoing training and support.

Who is money coaching for?

We’ve designed money coaching to be suitable for a wide range of incomes and personal situations. The resources contain lots of different examples, allowing you to tailor the discussions and activities appropriately.

Who can be a Money Coach?

We don’t expect you to have a wealth of financial knowledge or any formal qualifications, you’ll just need to be comfortable leading a group and facilitating discussion on the topic of money management. 

With just the few hours’ training that we provide, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to be a Money Coach.


Pay as you go

  • £55 per Money Coach*


  • £15 a month (for up to three Money Coaches and £75 worth of printable publicity material and resources every year, with no upfront training costs)

*Discounts may apply for existing partner churches.

How do I sign up to offer money coaching through my church?

Good question! We want this process to be as easy as possible for you and your church.

Once you submit your initial enquiry, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to sign up, including your church leaders agreeing to partner with us, attending training, setting up payments and getting all the resources you need to help your community get back in control of their finances.

Either — you get to choose! Our new online training platform means you control when and where you train. You may want to go through everything in a day, or choose to train over a few evenings.

If you need an excuse to break away from your usual workplace or escape home distractions, then our in-person training events may suit you better. There’s the added bonus of being able to ask plenty of questions as you go, and connecting with other Money Coaches in-training in your area.

You’ll select your training preference further down the sign-up process, so you don’t need to decide right now! (Please note, you’ll only be able to book on to these once you’ve completed all initial stages of the sign-up process).

Upcoming in-person training events 2024:

  • Saturday 27 April — South West: Plymouth
  • Saturday 18 May — London: Bermondsey
  • Saturday 01 June — Midlands: Loughborough
  • Saturday 06 July — South East: Kent
Money coaching participants from our video series, who you'll become familiar with as part of our money coaching resources.

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