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A revolutionary money management course that gives delegates the opportunity to learn skills that have a lasting impact on their finances. 

By delivering the CAP Money Course you can empower people in your congregation and community with simple and effective guidance for money management, helping them to find the freedom that comes with confident control of their finances. 

We’re so thankful for the course. It’s a safe place to talk about money with a sensible approach. 

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All you need to know about running a CAP Money Course

CAP provides all the training and access to online videos, online budgeting tools, and ongoing support for coaches from our dedicated team at head office. There are also courses tailored for kids, youth, and students, and the option for delegates to access our CAP Money Plus service where additional debt help is required.

In order to run the CAP Money Course, you will need to do the following:

  • Find volunteers to attend a training event to become a trained CAP Money Coach
  • Choose between the basic’ and gold’ options detailed in the cost section below
  • Contact us to register your delegates
  • Gold bundle
    For £20 a month your church can train three coaches each year, with a resource allowance of up to £70 a year and free student, youth and kids bolt-on packs (total bolt-ons value: £110).
  • Basic bundle
    For a £15 one-off fee CAP will train one volunteer from your church to be a CAP Money Coach (£15 per additional person trained). Resources can be purchased through the CAP Money online shop.

Online training sessions

9:15am — 12:45pm, 8 October 2022 — FULLY BOOKED

9:15am — 12:45pm, 12 November 2022 — FULLY BOOKED

9:15am — 12:45pm, 26 November 2022 — FULLY BOOKED

9:15am — 12:45pm, 21 January 2023 — FULLY BOOKED

9:15am — 12:45pm, 4 February 2023

If you’d like to be alerted when further training days become available, please fill in the enquiry form here.

Peter’s story

Hear how Peter’s life was transformed after taking part in the CAP Money Course

Before CAP, I was lost. I was like an ostrich with my head buried in the sand, and I had this brick wall around me as well. No one could come in or out of me, like I wouldn’t let anybody close to me. We first met with our church community, Church Ramsgates, and the wife knew one of the people who went there that’s how we first come in contact with CAP. The wife was speaking to Heather Princess and one of our friends Hannah. Heather suggested that we go to a CAP Money course. CAP Money taught me how to budget, so we went through a budget of our accounts, tax, water rates, TV licence, gas, electric, rental, and it was amazing to know that our income and our expenditure were completely different. What we didn’t realise was, or what my wife didn’t realise was, the amount of debt we were in. We were in £24,000 worth of debt. Heather said, Don’t worry.” And it was the first time anybody ever said don’t worry. She said that she would refer me to CAP Money Plus. It took us three years to get out of debt. Next year we’re gonna have our first proper holiday. We now have money in more pots than ever. We have money saved up for next year’s car insurance already. CAP helped me, but God saved me. My life was goin’ the wrong way and since Jesus entered my life it’s been amazin’. We were baptised two years ago on our wedding anniversary. The love of the church and of man has amplified how God has entered into our lives. They’ve assisted in my growth, my nurture. Before, the Bible was probably a doorstop, but now it’s not it’s wherever I go, it’s in my book bag now. There’s one in my locker at work. Whenever I get five minutes, I read and it becomes second nature. It brought us closer together as a family, and we’re so close now because of the community and because of CAP and now because of being debt free. It’s just amazing.

CAP Money Course stats

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