Write to your local Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs)

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Write to your local PPCs to ask crucial questions and make sure poverty is at the forefront of their minds ahead of the general election. 

A Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) is a candidate chosen by each political party to fight single Westminster constituencies ahead of a general election. 

Their job includes everything from standing up for people in their local communities, to having a say in national party policy, so it’s vital that we make sure UK poverty is high on their agendas ahead of the upcoming general election.

Choose which question you’d like to ask

Email your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) and encourage them to share their views and strategies for tackling poverty in the UK.

Choose from the following three questions, each of which has a different focus area depending on what you would most like to know more about.

1. Will you listen to people with lived experience of poverty?

This question has been written alongside three of our CAP clients with lived experience of poverty, and asks if your local PPCs will listen to the ideas and insights those with lived experience of poverty have to offer. It asks what they’d say to these people, many of whom have been made to feel voiceless and been crushed under the weight of debt due to insufficient incomes and lack of appropriate support.

2. What is your personal motivation for working to see an end to poverty in the UK?

This question relates to the national poverty situation across the UK, looking at poverty on a wider scale and challenging your PPCs that, with their commitment to tackling UK poverty, we can make sure everyone in society can thrive.

3. What involvement have you had in this constituency and with local communities’ efforts to support people experiencing poverty?

This question focuses on the poverty within your local area, asking what your local candidates are already doing to support anti-poverty organisations and efforts in your area.

Note: The deadline for candidates to be nominated was 4pm on Friday June 7th.

There may be a short delay between then and their contact details being confirmed.

Your message will be sent to all candidates for whom we have confirmed contact details at the time of sending.