How your church can be involved

Large group of young women and children sat around a table, talking and smiling with each other.
Find out how your church can take action and help bring an end to UK poverty. 

Thriving churches

The work we do at CAP isn’t just about the people we help. It’s also about inspiring churches to see that they can bring hope to their community. Local churches, after all, are God’s hands and feet on earth, and CAP is simply here to support and empower them as they strive to be all that God has called them to be.

A thriving church isn’t based on size, status or wealth – it’s a body of passionate, Christ-centred people committed to reaching out beyond the four walls of a building.

We want to see churches that have become the beating heart of their communities, actively serving them and bringing the hope of Jesus. 

Partnering with CAP has enabled the congregation to connect with those it previously missed; but these people, their presence and the Holy Spirit’s ministry to them has brought the congregation to the heart of God’s mission and God’s love. 

Derek McKelvey, Pastor of Lowe Church in Finaghy, Belfast