Older male stood outside and smiling happily.

If I had carried on as before, I probably wouldn’t be here now. I couldn’t see a way out. The relief was immense. I can’t thank the people involved enough! 

Syd, faith-filled cricket enthusiast and now debt free 

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Host a CAP Sunday at your church in 2023. 

It’s easy to look at rising prices – which affect us all – and feel helpless or despondent. On your CAP Sunday, we will journey from lament to hope, trusting in God to show us how to act and give us a new and hopeful song to sing.

What is CAP Sunday?

CAP Sunday is an annual event where churches across the UK can reflect on UK poverty, celebrating and learning what God is doing through Christians Against Poverty (CAP). We want to unite local churches across the UK in getting closer to our vision of transformed lives, thriving churches and an end to UK poverty.

How you can get involved

This year, we warmly invite you to join us in hosting a CAP Sunday service at your church.

Whether you’ve been a CAP partner for years or this is your first time meeting us, CAP Sunday is an opportunity for your church to reflect on and respond to debt and poverty in the UK now.

Together, let’s ask how God is calling us to respond to the cost of living crisis as it impacts the most economically vulnerable.

CAP and the church – you feel part of a family again. I’ve spent a lot of time living on my own, trying to cope with illness and everything else that was going on. I take a lot of comfort now in the people I can talk to. 

Syd, now debt free 

A transformed life

We equip local churches to provide practical, emotional and holistic support to help people like Syd, who are suffering problem debt and poverty. Syd is just one person you’ll meet through this year’s CAP Sunday resources, as he shares his inspirational journey out of debt. This journey wouldn’t have happened without the love and support of a church like yours.

CAP Sunday resources

We’ve got free video, sermon and prayer resources, to help your church discover what it means to extend your hand to those who find themselves alone in the grips of debt and poverty, and guide them towards a hope-filled future.

We can also provide you with a passionate and knowledgeable CAP Speaker to help you put together and deliver your service.

Interested in the free CAP Sunday resources?

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