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Welcome to the CAP Sunday resource page! Here you’ll find everything you need to run a service for your church on the theme of compassion in action. 

Have a read of our church guide first to get some top tips on putting it all together, and then browse the videos, notes and social media resources we’ve created for you.

Getting started

When planning your church service, we recommend starting with our helpful Church Guide. It unpacks why the theme Compassion in Action is so important, and offers heaps of ideas to bring this to life in your specific church context.

Get your church guide

Download the church guide here

Talk resources

If you haven’t booked a CAP speaker and are planning to either use our pre-recorded talk or deliver one yourself, here’s everything you’ll need.

Melinda’s story – video

A powerful video in which Melinda shares her story of finding hope and breaking free from debt 

Watch or download the video

Watch or download the video with subtitles

Church talk notes

A helpful guide to walk you through delivering a talk about putting Jesus’ compassion into action

Download the Church talk notes 2023

Church talk slides

A powerpoint ready for you to use with your church talk

Download the church talk slides

Children’s resources

Here are the key resources you’ll need, regardless of whether you’re hosting yourself or having a CAP speaker. We’d recommend starting with the church guide! Scroll down to explore the resources.

Children’s wordsearch resource

A fun activity to engage younger members of your church

Download children’s wordsearch resource

Children’s resource

Your guide to creating a child-friendly session to tie in with the theme of compassion in action

Download children’s resource

Children’s colouring resource

A colouring resource that brings the Bible story to life for your youngest listeners

Download children’s colouring resource

Spread the word

Tell people about your church service and make it easy to invite others, using our posters and social media assets.

Get your poster

Display your CAP Sunday poster somewhere everyone will see it

Download an A3 poster for CAP Sunday

Get social media images

Tell people on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter about your CAP Sunday service

Download social media asset 1

Download social media asset 2

We also have giving envelopes if you’d like to collect donations for CAP’s work as part of your service. These can be posted to your church, free of charge. Just call 01274 760761 to request them.