Follow the call and stand up against UK poverty

A lady smiling and looking at the camera in a city.
Poverty has millions in the UK locked in its grip. 

We believe the Church, with the Holy Spirit, can meet the big challenge of ending UK poverty. Your church can join thousands of others, in this crucial election year, calling for a society where everyone can live life to the full. 

In an act of worship, could you inspire your church to say enough is enough and share God’s heart for poverty in the UK this October?

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Will your church can follow the call to fight poverty and transform your community?

Can you see it?

The standard of living in decline as yet another household falls below the poverty line.

Can you hear it?

The murmurs and the groans. Another propped up smile, another high interest loan. Mounting debt, inflation, growing isolation.

Can you feel it?

The weight of that decision to sacrifice your next meal to pay your electricity bill. When your budget won’t stretch to the basic essentials. Needing more than just a handout, but a shoulder to lean on.

Eyes that see, and ears that hear that you are still here.

How do we respond?

Compassion, a heart, a Church not apart but united, to bring these things that remain.

Faith. Hope. Love.

Follow the call.

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The message of compassion against the potentially overwhelming numbers of people caught in poverty was entirely relevant to our current circumstances. Drawing out the truth of Jesus’ compassion in action was both challenging and helpful. 

Church leader feedback 

Did you know?

A person with a fuzzy squizzle next to their head, representing thoughts, emotions, or mental health.
of UK adults have daily anxiety about their finances 
of UK adults are skipping meals on at least a weekly basis