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Why work at CAP?

Why work at CAP?

Christians Against Poverty is on a mission to stamp out UK poverty. We’re all about making a meaningful difference through our everyday work, using our skills and our faith to serve the UK Church.

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Why work at CAP?

The work we do makes a difference. We are a community of skilled, dedicated people driven by our Christian faith. Together we serve the UK Church, empowering it to make a real impact on UK poverty. Join us on our mission.

If you want to see lives get changed for the better, while developing your own professional skills, then CAP is a rewarding place to be! Through our work, we help 2,500 people become debt free every year, and tens of thousands receive face-to-face support to break free from poverty.

We pride ourselves on a fun and supportive culture, where we value you as a whole person and offer opportunities for you to grow.

What’s it like to work at CAP?

  • After a long career in secular organisations, I love being able to make a difference that has eternal impact.

    Andrew, Head of England & Church Network Operations
  • What I love about it is that people genuinely want to look after each other. My story is that I’ve been so invested in by CAP and now I get to invest in others.

    Justine, Head of People Operations
  • For me, the best thing is how much God’s used us as a charity. In 23 years, thousands and thousands of people have become debt free. And so many people have come to faith.

    Kgosi, Debt Advisor

A bit more about us


Moving for work is an exciting step, but we understand it can feel like a big decision to make too. Lots of our staff have relocated to Bradford and the surrounding area when they decided to come and work for CAP. We can support you in this move with all that useful local knowledge: where’s a nice area to live, where are the nearest churches?


‘The most important thing was being part of a church which builds you up. It was very easy to find one with a wide variety of churches in Bradford to choose from, and people at CAP even helped with suggestions of places to try out!’ – Tom


At CAP, you’ll find lots of the benefits you’d normally expect from an organisation like us, plus some that might surprise you. We offer our staff mentoring opportunities, a pension scheme, enhanced sick pay and 34 days holiday per year. But we also offer an Employee Assistance Programme, with free access to advice, medical support and counselling. Our Smile Fund is there to help during crisis moments or financial hardship, and we organise fun events throughout the year to give our staff the chance to relax and unwind with their teammates.

Flexible working

We know that working 9 to 5 isn’t the best fit for everyone. Some of our staff choose flexible working so that their work hours run smoothly alongside other responsibilities, such as being available for the school run.

‘Flexible working is brilliant for my family. I started out working 9 to 5, but since having a second child I needed to do things differently. I was able to change my hours to work full time but over four days. I work in the evenings and this means I’m available to drop my kids off at school and I can go to school assemblies and sports days. I can work from home when I need to. I really value that I can put my family first without my work taking a hit.’

Justine, Head of People Operations

Family life

We believe family is important, and we want to support our staff to have a healthy balance that allows them to make the most of work and family time too. We offer parental and adoption leave, with Enhanced Maternity Pay for those eligible. Flexible working is also available, and can be particularly useful for parents with young children, as well as up to five days off per year for family emergencies.

Christian values

It’ll be no surprise that Christian values are a big part of who we are - after all, ‘Christians’ is in our name! We pray together and have times of worship during the week, and we work closely with a network of churches across the UK to deliver our services.

Because we believe that every person is made by God to be unique, talented and valuable, we seek to go the extra mile in supporting both our staff and our clients.


Our faith