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Mental ill-health will affect one in four of us during our lifetimes. Your CAP Sunday will uncover how poverty, debt, unemployment and addiction can create a storm of mental health issues.

Will you host a CAP Sunday in your church to celebrate how God is using CAP and the church to calm the storm and bring God’s peace into thousands of people’s lives?

Order your free CAP Sunday pack today!

How do I run a CAP Sunday?

There are three ways you can run CAP Sunday in your church:

  1. A 30 minute talk at a Sunday service.
  2. A 12 minute presentation at your Sunday service
  3. A Bible discussion for your house group

We also have an amazing, trained team of CAP Speakers who speak at over 450 churches every year who would be delighted to come to your church to present CAP Sunday for you. To make sure we can provide a speaker, please book quickly as there is great demand during the CAP Sunday season and limited speakers in many areas of the UK.

Order your free CAP Sunday pack today!

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