CAP Sunday

CAP Sunday

Poverty is in every community – but not everybody sees it. Embarrassment and fear lead some people to conceal their trouble, while others just don’t think anyone could help even if they did open up.

Are you and your church ready to look again?

On Sunday 13 October, hundreds of churches around the UK will be hosting CAP Sunday: a special service to invite people to look again at poverty in their community.

During your CAP Sunday you’ll meet Tina, whose life was turned around when someone saw the reality of her situation. You’ll see how God is using CAP and churches like yours to bring people into the light and give them hope.

We also have lots of online resources, to help you get started. To access your CAP Sunday resource pack sign up below.

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We have an experienced team of CAP speakers who present our work at over 450 churches every year. They’d be delighted to come to your church to present CAP Sunday for you. Our speakers are in huge demand during the CAP Sunday season, so if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email as soon as possible to express your interest.

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How do I run a CAP Sunday?

  • Use our handy cue cards to deliver a 10 minute talk (the content can be expanded to fill a longer slot).
  • Show the video to meet Tina and hear her incredible story.
  • Don’t forget, you can request a CAP speaker to come to your service by emailing

What we'll provide to help you run CAP Sunday

We'll send you a pack containing:

  • A how-to guide, including prayer resources and tips on how to run your CAP Sunday
  • Posters to promote your CAP Sunday

In addition to this, online you'll find

  • A set of cue cards to help you deliver your talk
  • A film for you to show, so you can hear Tina's story directly from her uses cookies to make the site simpler.