This year’s CAP Sunday film, Imagine, is an inspiring look at what God is achieving everyday through the partnership of his Church and CAP. Step into Mandy’s shoes and see how our incredible God can take what looks hopeless in our eyes and restore it into something more beautiful than we could ever ask or imagine. CAP Sunday gives people, like you, the chance to share this in their churches and small groups.

The official date is 18 October (but you can pick any date to suit your church!)

There are two ways to run a CAP Sunday: 

  1. Organise your church or small group CAP Sunday by using your resource pack, including Mandy’s story.
  2. Book a trained CAP Speaker. We believe this is the best way to inspire and inform your church about the work of CAP. One person commented:  “The speaker brought a genuine love and joy to our fellowship. His passion stirred ours, and having an outside speaker brought a freshness to the CAP presentation.”

Will you join with over 500 other churches and run a CAP Sunday? Make sure you’re one of the first to get Mandy’s story – order your CAP Sunday pack now.