CAP Debt Help

​Open a CAP Debt Centre

Opening a CAP Debt Centre will connect you with people in your community who are suffering as a result of debt. They may be struggling to feed their families, depressed and alone. Your church will be able to offer a real solution through CAP's professional Debt Help service and show God's love in their darkest hour. The partnership of CAP's service and the compassion of the local church is changing thousands of lives every year.

Our big vision is to have a CAP Debt Centre in every town and city in the UK, we are almost half way there. Will your church join us today so that the local church can give an answer to one of our society's biggest problems?

Give our Church Partnership team a ring on 01274 760580 to chat more about opening a CAP Debt Centre or email them on

The next step for a church interested in opening a CAP Debt Centre is for the senior leader(s) to attend a Church Partnership Day. This will give you an inspiring and detailed overview of the way CAP runs its high quality debt counselling service. It will allow you to experience the culture of CAP first hand and ask all the questions you need in order to fully understand the way that a partnership between CAP and the local church works.