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CAP Debt Centre Coach


Thank you so much for considering joining us as a CAP Debt Centre Coach. This is your opportunity to join a rapidly growing movement of people who are working together to tackle poverty here in the UK. Please read below for more information — we’re excited to hear from you!

Who are we?

We’re on a mission to set people in our nation free from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes. All of our services, including Debt Centres, Job Clubs, and Life Skills, are run through local churches. This means we can offer our clients not only expert practical support, but companionship, hope and a chance to hear the Gospel.

At our core, we’re:

  • Christ-centred: ​​In all our actions, we seek to put Jesus first, committing to play our part in Christ’s mission to bring hope and restoration to a broken world.
  • United: We’re one community with one big vision. Whether staff or supporter, church leader, MP or service user, our joint efforts see lives transformed.
  • Compassionate: Who wants to settle for the same old when we can push for bigger and better?
  • Bringing passion every day: We’re determined to make a difference to individuals and communities across the UK, courageously creating a hope-filled society.

CAP Debt Centres

CAP Debt Centres are run through local churches, further enabling them to engage and support people in their communities. By running a CAP Debt Centre you will be able to provide practical and holistic support to people struggling with debt, as well as offering them the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Hear from some of our existing Debt Centre staff and other service managers below about why they love what they do!


Your role as a CAP Debt Centre Coach will be to support the Debt Centre Manager in the set up and running of the debt centre. You will support clients on their journey to becoming debt free through home visits and ongoing support. All of this must be done in a way that positively reflects the Christian faith and the core values of the charity.

The minimum time commitment is 8 hours per week, comprising two sessions of four consecutive hours, with at least one session being within normal working hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Because this role may involve working with vulnerable people, you’ll need to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. If you’re working in England, Wales or Northern Ireland this should be an Enhanced Disclosure with an Adult Barred List check. This check is required as you may occasionally be carrying out regulated activity. For staff based in Scotland, it should be a Basic Disclosure. Your church will need to apply for and fund this.

We ask you to commit to a minimum of two years in this role due to the level of specialised training required and the time it takes to complete.

Please note, as part of this role, we ask that you have access to the internet and an active email address.


  • To positively promote the Christian faith in line with the objectives of the charity
  • To take part in all initial and ongoing training to offer the best service possible
  • To visit clients in their homes and to explain the CAP service in a way that is understood and encourages clients to agree to work with CAP (mobility is essential to enable home visits, so having a car and full license is a requirement in most cases)
  • To go above and beyond in supporting our clients. This may include accompanying clients to court for issues relating to their debt situation, accompanying on medical appointments or helping with shopping.
  • To be part of a team that delivers the debt advice to the client – this will involve a Fact Find of their current financial situation, communication of the prepared budget and financial plan, and encouragement to stick to the plan
  • To accompany clients to court to provide support as they secure affordable repayments and other legal agreements
  • May be required to help with publicising the CAP service in a way that makes it available to the widest possible section of society – this will involve developing links with relevant referral agencies so as to provide a service working in harmony with all relevant agencies
  • To promote the work of CAP in your church
  • To promote the work of CAP to friends, families and contacts to increase support and awareness of the charity – this includes encouraging support through the CAP Life Changer programme


This bit’s just the facts and formalities – excuse us for going all official on you! It’s basically a breakdown of what you’ll need to ace this role.

What happens next?


  1. We would love to hear more about you, please fill out our application form. This will be emailed to you either by a CAP Church Partnership Manager or our Network Management Support team.
  2. The next step will be an invitation to one of our Selection Days, held in various locations across the country. Exact locations and venues vary but if there is space on a day near you, we will make sure you are invited to it. Please don’t fret over the day itself - it's just an opportunity for us to get to know one another better!
  3. We’ll contact you after the selection day and, if you’re successful, we’ll book you in for our next Equip training course.

Any questions? Please email our Selection team on

Equip Training

Equip is the name of CAP’s training course for all Debt Centre, Job Clubs and Life Skills coaches and managers. The training course runs over five weeks and is delivered online. In large, the training can be completed flexibly as most of it is independent work to be completed in your own time (pre recorded videos, reading material and quizzes). However, you will also have the opportunity to access live sessions complete with wonderful introductory talks, worship and prayer, Q&A opportunities and a chance to ‘meet the expert’. Please note that the majority of the live sessions are optional and will be recorded, so there is no pressure to attend them all live. The exceptions to this are two live exercises simulating debt centre visits, full of crucial information.

Debt Centre Equip training

  • 50 hours (over 5 weeks)
  • *The exceptions to this are two live exercises for the Debt Centre cohorts which are part of the compulsory set of tasks.

Please note, our training course forms part of our selection process. Although very rare, we do reserve the right to withdraw the offer of any role should any issues arise at training.


We hold two annual conferences – they’re a brilliant opportunity for us to come together to worship God, connect with other CAP workers and be re-inspired by our vision. As part of your role we ask that you join us for at least one of those.

We also hold two Regional Team Days a year – these are organised by your CAP Area Manager and are an opportunity for you to connect with others working with CAP in your region. Again, we would love for you to join your regional team for at least one of these.

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