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CAP Life Skills - partner with us

Thank you so much for considering opening CAP Life Skills at your church. You are joining a rapidly growing movement of people who are working together to provide the essential life skills that people need to have hope for a brighter future. We are so excited for you to join us!

It’s really simple to get going with running a CAP Life Skills. You will find everything you need by clicking on the simple steps below.

Stage 11. Speak with the Church Partnership team

We are available Monday to Friday to talk through what CAP Life Skills could look like at your church and how it will impact your community. There are limited places at our training days so get in touch today to talk it through:

Stage 22. Send in your application forms

Use the following links to download the relevant documents.

Church leader

also see...

Life Skills Manager and Coach

Please fill out any of the editable files using Adobe Reader. If you don't use Adobe Reader the form won't save properly and you'll risk losing the content.

Stage 33. We invite successful applicants to attend an Assessment Day and interview at CAP's head office in Bradford

Our Assessment Days are tailor made to prepare your candidate and ensure that they are fully informed about the role. We also conduct a 45-minute interview with them as part of the day.

Stage 44. Conversation with the church leader to discuss and confirm partnership

It is important that the church leadership is supportive about running CAP Life Skills and able to support and resource it. We need to talk to the church leader to feedback from the interviews and, if successful, confirm the partnership and discuss the ongoing relationship.

Stage 55. Attend our three-day CAP Life Skills training

After a successful interview, the Manager and Coaches will be invited to attend CAP Life Skills training. Here, you will be equipped with everything you need to start a CAP Life Skills at your church. There will also be the chance to meet and network with other trainees from across the UK, who share your heart and passion for the provide people with a brighter future through essential life skills.

Then you’re ready to get started! You will be meeting a whole new group of people who you can share the love of God with in a practical way. 

Your church will need to be an evangelistic and discipling environment. Each week the CAP Life Skills runs, you will see a group of people from outside the church come into the church community for practical help. Every meeting is an opportunity to encourage people into a relationship with Christ. 

So many people who are desperate for your help are already in your communities – be sure to send your application in as soon as possible!

CAP Life Skills

A group that helps members discover the life skills you need to survive on a low income.

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