CAP Money Course

​Run the CAP Money Course

The CAP Money Course will give people in your church and community the tools to get their finances under control at a time when many are feeling the pinch. Jesus taught so much about money because it affects every area of life and if it is out of control, it has the power to destroy lives. The CAP Money Course empowers people to give and save more as well as preventing the destructive effects of unmanageable debt. The CAP Money Course also gives people who realise they are in debt access to our free Debt Help service.

Running the CAP Money Course in your church will have a big impact for relatively small effort and cost. All you need to do is allow CAP to present our work at one of your Sunday services and recruit volunteers to run the course (CAP Money Coaches). We recommend a team of at least three CAP Money Coaches and it costs just £45 for each volunteer to be trained

To get the CAP Money Course moving in your church:

1. Order an information pack here

2. Identify volunteers to be CAP Money Coaches

3. Book spaces for them on one of our regional training days


Regional training days


26 April - Bradford - The Jubilee Centre

17 May - Southampton - Above Bar Church

7 June - Sunderland - Bethany City Church

14 June - Central London - St Paul’s, Hammersmith

5 July - Leicester - All Nations Centre

13 September - Scotland - Location and venue TBC

11 October - Manchester - Venue TBC

8 November - Belfast - Venue TBC

29 November - Central London - St Paul’s, Hammersmith

All days open for registration from 9.30am and start at 10.00am. Lunch is provided and the day will end at 4.30pm.

Please note the deadline for bookings is the Friday 8 days before the training date. For example, the deadline for the training in Exeter on Saturday September 28 is Friday September 20.

For more information please contact our CAP Money team on 01274 760567 or