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Your guide to CAP’s Debt Management Plan

Every year the CAP team helps more than 600 clients to become debt free through a Debt Management Plan. We’re delighted to be walking with you on this journey out of debt. We’ve put this information together to help you get your head around the process, answer any questions you may have and remind you what you need to do to make this work. So grab a cuppa and let’s get started!

Why do I have a Debt Management Plan?

The aim of your CAP Debt Management Plan is to allow you to live within your means as you make manageable payments towards your debts. If you’re not happy with your budget, just talk to us so we can sort things out and make sure your debt situation doesn’t get worse.

The Debt Management Plan journey


Working out a budget

When we prepare a budget for you, we start by looking at your income and then your expenditure (this is the money you need to spend to cover your living costs). On the Debt Management Plan (DMP) your budget will include essential payments like rent or mortgage, utility bills, living expenses and leisure. Once your living costs are covered, we’ll work out what you have spare to offer your creditors. Your debt management plan will therefore also include payments to your priority and non-priority debts. These payments will be arranged depending on what you can afford and following negotiations with your creditors. We’ll also give you an estimate of how long it will take to repay your debts. This is what we call your repayment term — please bear in mind this can change if your situation changes.


Your CAP Plan Schedule

Your CAP Plan Schedule shows you how much you need to pay in, and the date that you’ve chosen to pay in each month. The schedule shows how we will use the money you pay into your CAP Plan: who we will process payments to and how much we’ll send to them. We'll go through this with you and you can ask us any questions. It's really important you understand your CAP Plan Schedule because we’ll ask you to sign and return it to us to confirm you’re happy with what's been agreed.


Setting up a standing order

It’s important that you pay into CAP on the day that we have agreed with you. Paying in by Standing Order will make sure that your monthly payments reach us on time. A Standing Order is different to a direct debit: with a Standing Order you are always in control of the payment that your bank sends to us. Once set up, you can change the amount or date by contacting your bank (online or via telephone). If you need to do this please also let us know.


Keeping your CAP Plan working

To keep your CAP Plan working effectively, you’ll need to pay in the agreed amount every month. You’ll also need to respond to any requests for information as quickly as you can. Not paying into your CAP Plan as agreed could make your debt situation worse as we won’t be able to pay your creditors. This means they could add interest and charges onto the debt balance, even if previously this has been stopped, and they might start chasing you again. However, if at any point you find your budget is no longer affordable please let us know. It can be changed and amended in line with your needs.


Reviewing your CAP Plan

Once a year, we’ll review your CAP Plan to check it’s still manageable for you. We will update it in line with any changes (for example, if your gas and electricity bills go up). We can do this as a chat over the phone but we might need you to send us some up-to-date paperwork too. Don't forget we provide Freepost envelopes so it won't cost you a penny. 


Debt free

This is what we are all aiming for through your Debt Management Plan – you’re debt free! We’ll give you a call to confirm this and then all that’s left is to celebrate!

Tony - Debt management plan client

I phoned CAP, half afraid, but the person on the other end of the phone was so lovely. When I met my Debt Coach, he told me not to worry about a thing. My life was peaceful again.

Tony, Debt Management Plan client

Key information

Your to-do list

  • Pay the correct amount into your CAP Plan on time each month.
  • Send in all the information we ask for and keep us up to date with any changes to your circumstances.
  • Send on any letters you receive from creditors to us.
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions page if anything is still unclear.

Keep in touch

It’s a good idea to make a note of our contact details so you can find them really easily. Save the numbers in your phone, keep a note in your wallet or purse or stick it on the fridge. 

There are four ways to contact us:

By text:

07860 033177

By email:
Please pop your CAP Debt Management Plan number into the subject box to help us track your case easily (you’ll find this on any letters from us).

By phone:

01274 761999
Remember to have your CAP Debt Management Plan number to hand before you call (this will be on any letter from us) and be ready to answer a few security questions. Lines are open 9:30am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9:30am – 3:30pm on Fridays.

By post:

We provide you with freepost envelopes to make sure your mail comes straight through to the Debt Management Plan team and can be dealt with quickly. If you run out of envelopes, carefully write the following address on a blank envelope – no stamp needed!    

Debt Management Plan Team
Christians Against Poverty
Jubilee Mill
30 North Street