Millions unable to withstand a financial shock

A calculator, pen and budget document.

Christians Against Poverty’s new polling shows around 1 in 4 UK adults can’t afford an unexpected cost of £200

  • Over a quarter of adults in the UK feel financially insecure.

  • Millions are finding it hard to keep up with bills.

  • CAP says the UK Government should review social security and low wages to ensure everyone has an income they can live on.

UK debt and budgeting help charity Christians Against Poverty’s (CAP) latest YouGov polling of over 2,000 adults is revealing that the cost of living crisis is leading to a rise in people unable to cope with unexpected costs.

28% of adults (14.9 million people) say that the rise in the cost of living has made them feel financially insecure, with 23% (12 million) saying they couldn’t afford an unexpected cost of £200.

28% of UK adults are finding keeping up with bills and credit commitments a heavy burden and 9% now have debts that they do not know how they will repay.

Millions of households facing a devastating debt crisis