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Simple, honest and friendly: that's our look.

A quick guide to CAP’s brand

At the beginning of 2013, we changed a few things in our brand. Well, quite a lot actually – we changed everything! Take a peek below to see the key changes and our thinking behind them.


It’s not just any green, it’s CAP green – has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Make sure you’re getting the correct colour values on your design work by checking our full guidelines.

We felt that we needed to improve the way we present ourselves to our clients, but also wanted to reflect our growth and diversity of services as we expand as a charity. Green is our friendly way of saying 'come and chat to us – we care', but it also communicates our continual growth and energy, both as a charity and what we see in our clients’ lives. We do have secondary colours on the CAP palette that work alongside it – orange, pink and a few blues – but green is still the big boss. It just has a few colourful friends for support now and again.


Using our logo shows the world that you are Christians Against Poverty. It needs to be used in the right way so that others can see CAP the way it’s supposed to be seen – professional and approachable.

The CAP logo should be on the front cover of every piece of CAP communication: web, print, digital – you name it. Distortion or recreation is a big no-no. We know when our logo isn’t quite right (and don’t even think about changing its colour!). Download the right logo here.

The rising 'CAP' letters say what we’re all about: ‘lifting people out of debt and poverty’. That’s what we aim to do and we do our very best to do just that. 'CAP' is the common word in all our services: CAP Debt Help, CAP Money CourseCAP Job Clubs and CAP Release Groups. That's how people recognise us, but we also wanted to proudly show our Christian ethos and motivation through our name. Basically, the CAP logo is simple, honest and friendly, just like us.


Typography is a quiet but important part of a brand identity, but is often taken for granted. We don’t want our fonts swept under the carpet – we want them shouting loud and proud of how great CAP is!

Our primary font for headlines is Gotham Rounded, using two different weights (Book and Medium). It's warm and friendly and makes people want to read it. Body copy is generally in the Lubalin Graph Itc family, but only in the Book weight (Demi for sub-headings). If a widely available font is required (for use on documents sent between computers or letters, for example), then Calibri in Regular and Bold weights should be used.


Our brand is much more than a logo, colours and typography; it is everything that goes into making an overall impression of CAP in people’s minds. It is the way people think, feel and respond when they hear or read 'CAP'. The rest of our guidelines are full of handy usage tips, breakdowns, friendly nudges of dos and don'ts. Essentially, everything you need to know about CAP. If you’re thinking of creating something using the CAP brand, be sure to give our guidelines a read here uses cookies to make the site simpler.