5 ways to save gas at home

A lit gas burner hob.
Read our 5 easy ways to save gas at home. 

With the cold weather setting in and energy prices still sky high, now’s the time to try and save money on bills. Read our simple list of 5 ways to save gas at home below.

1. Turn down temperature of your thermostat

Turning down the temperature on your thermostat by one or two degrees when you have the heating on is an easy way to save gas at home. Turn the thermostat down by one degree, wait a few days to see if you get used to the difference and then try another degree. Keep going until you find the lowest temperature you feel comfortable at and you should start to see a decrease in your energy bills straight away. It is important however to keep warm enough to stay healthy. If you have any health conditions affected by the cold, follow the guidance from your GP.

2. Only turn the heating on when you need it

Keeping your heating on low all the time to save money? It’s a myth. Only turning your heating on as and when you need it ensures you’re not wasting energy on heating your home when you’re not home.

3. Close your curtains and stop drafts

Do you still feel shivery in certain places in your home even with the heating on? There might be drafts coming in from outside through your windows or doors. Fit some draft excluding tape for your doors and windows, use draft excluder cushions for the bottom of your doors and close your curtains in the evening. You will be able to find specific draft excluder products from DIY and homeware stores. This should help to keep your home warm so you don’t have to have the heating on as high or for as long.

4. Take shorter showers and avoid taking baths

If you take shorter showers than you usually would you’ll be saving on water and the energy it takes to heat the water. Try setting a timer on your phone for five minutes. You can even try reducing the heat of the water while you’re in the shower. Keep baths to a once in a while treat as they can use up to double the amount of water as a shower.

5. Move your sofa away from the radiator

If your sofa is too close to your radiator, your radiator could end up heating the back of the sofa and not your room! Moving your sofa 15cm away from the radiator could make a big difference in the warmth of the room.