Autumn Statement 2023: Government didn’t acknowledge urgency and reality of people facing poverty right now

Houses of Parliament after the Autumn Statement 2023
Concerns that the UK Government has not recognised the continued impact of the cost of living crisis for the most vulnerable. 

Despite some welcomed announcements, ahead of a winter with many facing destitution, national debt help charity has raised concerns that the UK Government has not recognised the continued impact of the cost of living crisis for the most vulnerable.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) works to end UK poverty by providing free, independent debt advice and money coaching to local people in communities across the UK.

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The UK Government talked today about some of the financial struggles people are facing but didn’t offer any emergency support for those on low incomes, still very much being hit in the pocket by the cost of living crisis. Nor did it offer any long term commitments to see an end to poverty in the UK. 

Director of External Affairs, Gareth McNab 

While we welcome many of the announcements, there’s some really bad news for some groups most in need of additional support, with the introduction of harsher sanctions which have been acknowledged to be harmful and counter-productive.”

Going into this winter there has been no recognition of the current crisis many people are still facing right now, with much of the support focused around next year.” 

We welcome the increase of uprating in benefits, increase in Local Housing Allowance and the National Living Wage, which are the minimum levels Government should be providing, but fall short of ensuring everyone has a liveable income and can afford their basic essentials. This follows calls by CAP and other organisations to increase benefits further to bring them into line with rising costs and for a Real Living Wage to be implemented, so that people are able to confidently cover their essentials.”

To really get to grips with a long-term strategy to tackle high costs and low incomes we are calling on the Government to establish an independent body to review social security so that we never again have people facing destitution in our country.”

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