Going above and beyond

From skydiving to sleeping on the streets, meet the people going above and beyond to raise vital funds for CAP. 

(average read time: 3 minutes)

Over the past two years, we’ve seen time and time again how communities have rallied together to support one another. By praying for CAP, volunteering, fundraising, writing to your MP or giving financially, you too have played a key role in bringing hope to those urgently in need.

We want to shine a spotlight on just a few of the incredible people who have taken on fundraising challenges for CAP in the last year, from sponsored skate-a-thons to sleeping on the streets, raising vital funds and awareness about what we do. Thanks to their passion and creativity, even more lives are going to be transformed.


Last year, CAP Debt Coach Alan took on a Kiltwalk, raising £4,000 for the CAP Debt Centre in Irvine. Here he is, pictured above with Sir Tom Hunter from the Hunter Foundation, which tops up all donations by 50%!

Alan said, I’ve seen how CAP empowers people to use their skills to help others in our community. When people are in debt they can feel hopeless and helpless, but by visiting clients in their homes we can bring clarity, hope and a new lease of life to people.

A lasting legacy is being felt in our society. I was keen to walk for CAP so that we can see an even greater impact being made.’

Will you take part in a Kiltwalk for CAP? With events happening across Scotland, just sign up for a location near you at capuk.org/kiltwalk22. Thanks to the Hunter Foundation, you could have an even greater impact.


Supporter Charmaine took on a skate-a- thon to raise money for CAP. She said, I grew up going to churches that ran CAP services, so I’ve seen the impact churches can have within their communities.

My mum also spent some time volunteering as a CAP Befriender. I love that CAP helps people who go on to help others – it’s a cycle.

I took up rollerskating in lockdown, so I thought it would be cool to do my own skate-a-thon, skating round a local park for five hours straight.

It was a lovely day. Lots of friends came and cheered me on, and I vlogged the event on Instagram to raise awareness. It was so encouraging to be receiving donations while I was skating. It gave me the energy to keep going.

In total I raised £636, plus Gift Aid. That money will go on to help even more people and restore hope.’


CAP Debt Centre Manager Simon took on an incredible fundraising challenge this year. He explained, In February I turned 60. I count it a privilege to never have had to worry about where my next meal would come from. That’s why I wanted to raise money for CAP, Fresh Hope, Shelter and my local church’s homelessness initiative – to help those who are homeless and living in poverty.

I spent 60 hours on the streets, with just £5 for emergencies and relying on people’s kindness to buy me a coffee or food. I spent most of my time on local high streets sharing what I was doing. Three radio stations even interviewed me during my challenge: BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, and a local station where a client of mine is also a DJ.

I raised £7,724 via JustGiving, as well as about £1,000 in cash. 

I’ve been the CAP Debt Centre Manager in Stamford for just over ten years now, and we recently booked in our 500th client. Behind every number is a person, and it remains a joy to be able to bring hope and introduce people to Jesus.’

Aneli, Rachel, Georgi and Dili

Friends Aneli, Rachel, Georgi and Dili are preparing to take to the skies for their fundraising challenge. The brave four jumped out of a plane to raise money for their local CAP Debt Centre at Kings Community Church, Southampton, and raised £1,818.

They shared, We’ve worked with CAP over the last few years in different capacities. Aneli is a Debt Centre Manager and Dili used to be an intern at head office. As a result, we’ve witnessed the courage of those that come to CAP for help. The thought of asking for support can be terrifying, so what better way to raise money and awareness for CAP than to do the very thing that scares us?

Being honest about your finances is, at the best of times, intimidating. It can leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain of the future. Over the years, CAP has supported thousands of people through incredibly difficult financial situations, empowering them to live in freedom. We wanted to raise money to support the thousands of brave people that will walk this journey in the years to come.’