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Pension Credit Week of Action

Older man happily using a laptop at a desk after finding out he's entitled to pension credit using the CAP benefits calculator.

What is Pension Credit Week of Action?

Pension Credit Week of Action is designed to encourage people to check their pension credit eligibility and see if they’re entitled to make a claim.

Many people are eligible for pension credit but aren’t currently claiming it, missing out on vital income. 

What is Pension Credit?

Pension credit is a benefit that can provide you with additional funds if you’re living on a low income and are over State Pension age. 

You could be entitled to pension credit even if you own your own home, have savings or receive a small occupational pension. 

Entitlement to pension credit could also give you access to a range of other benefits such as help with council tax and heating costs.

How do I know if I’m entitled to pension credit?

Use our Turn2us benefits calculator to check if you’re missing out on pension credit or other benefits. It’s completely free to use, confidential and only takes ten minutes.

Use our benefits calculator to find out if you’re missing out on extra income

Check if you're eligible for pension credit

How do I claim pension credit?

Once you have confirmed you’re eligible for pension credit, in England, Wales and Scotland you can claim by calling 0800 99 1234, claim online on the UK Government website or fill out a paper claim form. If you’re in Northern Ireland, you can find the information you’ll need to claim using this link.

Ruth holding a sign that reads 'There is so much need. I'm at my limit.'
‘Rising poverty is pushing churches like mine to their limit,’ says Ruth. ‘Please help us meet the growing need.’

We urgently need your support to reach every person in poverty.

Ruth holding a sign that reads 'There is so much need. I'm at my limit.'