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Three books laid out on the table, Nevertheless, Grace and the grumblies and journeys of hope. There is a cup of tea on one side and a plant on the other side.
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From powerful testimonies of God breaking through impossible situations, to beautiful children’s stories that spark conversations about poverty and social justice, find out how to get hold of your own copies of these brilliant books.

Grace and the Grumblies

Grace and the Grumblies is a children’s book from Christians Against Poverty, author Emily Shore and illustrator Katie Rewse. Gently exploring themes of UK poverty and disadvantage, it’s the perfect child-friendly conversation starter on the big issues your small people see around them. 

Explore UK poverty and disadvantage through a child’s eyes in this playful and powerful book, prompting great conversations along the way. Grace and the Grumblies is the story of how one family’s love for each other makes them brave enough to do anything.

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This is the powerful rollercoaster story of CAP’s Founder John Kirkby’s journey to start something that would free tens of thousands of people from the prison of debt and poverty. Follow John’s story from his childhood in Bradford, through his own struggles with debt, which in turn sparked the idea to help others who face the grip of poverty.

Faced with seemingly impossible challenges, John discovers what it means to trust God against all odds, and to meet each obstacle head on with a nevertheless spirit’!

Journeys of Hope

Want to know the real difference the local Church can make to people’s lives? Journeys of Hope tells twelve stories of how God has entwined people with CAP’s church-based services, and the huge transformation that’s resulted from that partnership.

In the pages of this book, you’ll discover first-hand accounts not only of how debt tears families apart and drives people into despair, but also showing that no situation is too dark or too impossible for light and hope to break through.