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View our latest research revealing the reality of poverty. 

At CAP, we want to see lives transformed and free from debt, and an end to poverty in the UK. 

That’s why, as well as providing support through our practical services, we commission research into poverty in the UK to give an insight into the realities that people across the UK face.

Everyone deserves to enjoy life in all its fullness, so we won’t stop until we see an end to poverty in the UK.

What is national polling?

We ask questions to a representative sample of the UK population (usually around 2,000 adults). The questions might include topics around a person’s experience of debt and poverty or an opinion on a relevant subject.

How we use our polling data

We commission multiple rounds of polling each year. Each round of polling has a different focus, but each round generates insights into the current realities of poverty. 

Using this data alongside the experiences our clients are facing and information from our services, we’re able to see a thorough picture of the reality of poverty in the UK. We can speak confidently about the steps needed to address the drivers of debt and poverty and inform decision-makers of the changes that could help address the systems and structures trapping people in poverty.

Latest polling

Recent polling conducted by YouGov and Christians Against Poverty in March 2024 took a closer look at the interaction between debt, poverty and living standards and highlighted the impact of financial difficulty.

of UK adults (22.4 million people) have limited home electricity or gas use at least monthly 
of UK adults (8.9 million people) have skipped meals because of the cost at least monthly. 
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of UK adults (12.7 million people) have lost sleep worrying about their finances at least monthly. 
of UK adults (26.5 million people) report that debt repayment has some negative effect on them. 
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of UK adults (4.7 million people) are using credit mainly to pay for monthly bills. 
of UK adults haven’t made any credit card payments in the last six months. 

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