Polling insights: A deeper dive into the impact of the rising cost of living

Image of someone calculating £0 budget
Polling insights from Christians Against Poverty into the impact of the rising cost of living. 

The rising cost of living has been a regular feature on everybody’s news feeds for the last year and a half. Recent YouGov polling conducted by Christians Against Poverty (CAP) sheds light on the longer-term consequences of this escalating cost of living, painting a bleak picture of what is evolving into a nationwide debt crisis in the UK. When incomes remain stubbornly low, and prices rise, households fall victim to amassing problem debt. Just under 1 in 4 (23%) UK adults can’t afford an unexpected cost of £200. 28% of UK adults are finding keeping up with bills and credit commitments a heavy burden and 9% now have debts that they do not know how they will repay.