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Client Report

Partnership; the key to transforming lives

The Client Report gives an overview of CAP's services, client demographics and research findings, exposing the hardship experienced when in problem debt. It paints a bleak picture of the extent that poverty and material deprivation is present in the homes CAP visits and the multiple complex needs clients have. Yet after CAP's holistic support, nine in ten clients describe CAP's help as ‘life transforming' or a ‘great help'.

This year, the report follows Mark's story. It shows the importance of partnership and how the collaboration of five key players meant that he is now no longer living in a dilapidated house without furniture, a working kitchen or bathroom, and is looking ahead to a debt free and positive future. His story is inspiring and just one of the thousands of lives we see transformed each year.

Meet Mark

A year ago Mark was living in despair, he was depressed and anxious, he couldn't see a way out. Mark has overcome so much to get where he is today, with the help of CAP, the local Church and his creditors, his life has been transformed. Let him tell you his story.

Meet the people that made this turnaround possible.

Referral source

Gareth from Nationwide.

Local CAP Debt Centre

Linda from the Welwyn Garden City debt centre.

Local church volunteer

Robert, a volunteer from Linda's church .

Head office caseworker

Jim, part of the team of caseworkers at CAP's head office.


Graham from Capital One.

Key findings

  • One in three could not afford to buy a bed, fridge, freezer, washing machine or sofa, so went without at least one of these essential household items
  • 45% have been affected by a benefit problem, which contributed to debt problems
  • In the last decade, the average level of priority arrears when seeking help has tripled
  • 92% did not have any savings to fall back on when entering financial difficulty
  • There was a real-terms decrease in the average annual household income of clients seeking help in 2016 compared to 2015, with 63% living below the poverty line
  • Low income remains the top reason for debt problems, followed by relationship breakdown and mental ill-health

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