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A transformed life: Trish’s story

"People ask me how I’ve come through so much in my life and I say, ‘because of Jesus'."

Rock bottom

Trish was left in debt after an abusive relationship ended. She was forced to take money from one bill to pay another, and was skipping meals so her granddaughter wouldn’t go hungry. Unable to see a way out, Trish had hit rock bottom.

Confidence to keep going

After her friend gave her the number, Trish called CAP and was put in touch with her local CAP Debt Coach, Jo. Every time Jo came to see her, she listened without judgement and prayed with her. Jo reassured her that there was nothing that couldn’t be sorted, which gave Trish the confidence to keep going.

Debt free

Trish is now debt free. She no longer has to worry about whether she can afford food for her family. Trish also went along to a CAP Money Course, changing the way she thinks about money and giving her the tools to cut back when needed.

Faith and freedom

Jo invited Trish to church, where she found her own little family filled with support, love and understanding. Her life has changed from feeling ashamed and depressed to coming to faith, being baptised and becoming debt free.

The ripple effect

With God’s guidance, compassion and determination to help others, Trish is now a CAP Life Skills Coach and helps at her church’s mother and toddler group. She’s enjoying teaching others, learning from them and spreading the word of the Lord.


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