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Large group of runners participating in a marathon, one older man has his thumb up, a younger woman has her arms raised in happiness and smiling at the camera.

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Poverty is ruthless. Will you fight back? Together, we can end UK poverty.

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From marathons to bungee jumps, 10K runs to kiltwalks, check for upcoming events and sign up here. Whether you prefer a solo challenge or banding together with friends, there’s a whole range of sponsored events around the UK for you to choose from.

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Marathon runners in a park, one is carrying an umbrella
Westminster Bridge in London, big building behind the bridge, tower with a clock.
Marathon runners outside Brighton Pavilion
Marathon cyclists on bikes, riding down a road
Bird's eye view of the city of Edinburgh at sunset including The Dugald Stewart Monument
A family with their hands up in the air, sliding down a big inflatable slide
Hillsborough Castle and Gardens building with some marathon runners walking down a path
A laptop with a wireless mouse next to it

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