We need you

The simple truth is we can only bring hope and salvation to the lost and desperate if people like you join us. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us to preach the Good News to the poor and relieve all forms of poverty caused by debt. Together with your help, we have an answer to the issue of real poverty in the UK.

However you get involved, your contribution will help some of the most desperate people in our nation. Those struggling to make ends meet and unable to afford the basic things in life.

Financial poverty is just the start; debt causes relational poverty too. By supporting our work, you are supporting Centre Managers, Befrienders and Caseworkers as they get alongside the lost and the marginalised. Families torn apart by stress and worry, people suffering with depression and even considering suicide.

What will you do to help? Find out how you can get involved today by exploring the links to the left, and make your mark on poverty by supporting us.