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For too long poverty's been calling the shots, but now it's our turn to take charge. Will you join us?

This year we're giving it everything we've got and we need you to help us. Running, swimming, baking, praying – you name it, whatever you'd love to do, we want to use it to really hit poverty where it hurts. Just imagine ticking something big off your bucket list and raising money for a really life-changing cause at the same time!

We'd love to support you as you take on the challenge. Let us know what you're planning to do, and we'll do what we can to encourage and motivate you as you prepare!

I want to show poverty who's boss!

A few ideas for you...

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Fundraising, like a boss

Pushed through her pain for the sake of debt sufferers

Jane, York

Pushed through her pain for the sake of debt sufferers

When Jane went debt free, she decided to say thank you in a way that would cost her – but the cost would be physical, not financial. Six and a half hours after she set out, an exhausted but proud Jane made it over the finish line. 'My walking is bad because I use a frame, but I managed ten miles and raised £1,097!'

Conquered a marathon across the Great Wall of China

Stephen, Cheshire

Conquered a marathon across the Great Wall of China

'My whole life I have been involved in finance. I like CAP because they not only help people with debt but share Christ with them too, which is far more valuable than money. 26 miles in very high humidity with all those steps was a lot of hard work, but crossing the finish line was exhilarating!'

Primary school pupils united against poverty

Year 6 class, Bradford

Primary school pupils united against poverty

Idle Primary School put on a summer fair to raise money for CAP. Polly, who ran one of the stalls that raised over £100, said, 'The funniest bit was when we were 20p short of £100. Miles said he would be willing to make it up if I let him sing, but then three other people said they'd pay for him not to sing! We never heard the song...'

Whether you fundraise, volunteer, raise awareness or pray, there are lots of opportunities to get involved - just let us know what you are thinking of doing.

I'd like to get involved

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