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Denis’ story

‘My wife and I were made redundant four times over a number of years, and then she became disabled a few years ago. Losing her income was a big blow.

I was handling all the finances and could see we had a problem, but I kept it all to myself.

It got to the stage where we had to choose between paying a bill or buying food. We weren’t able to deal with it.

A few years ago I had a mental breakdown. I was getting to a stage where my wife said I was showing symptoms again. We sat down and talked about it and then got in touch with CAP.

Within two or three weeks Nick from CAP came to see us with a budget and the recommendations. I’m retired, so we didn’t have any options for increasing the money coming in. The only clear way forward was a DRO.

It was such a big deal for us to have the DRO granted. It’s the simple things. We can go out and get a cup of coffee. We’re able to do things we haven’t in 30 years. It’s like we’ve gone through a period of heavy rain and now the sun’s out and it’s totally different.

But the biggest change is the fact that my wife and I talk on a daily basis. It’s given us a much stronger relationship, it’s given us control.’

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