Find out what God says about UK poverty
1 in 6 parents skip meals

With stories from the frontline of UK poverty, a CAP speaker will inspire your church to leave a lasting impact on your community.

God's heart for the poor is undeniable, and we are called to let his passions be ours.

With a presentation from CAP, you can find out how you can bring God's light and love to those in poverty.

Inspire your church to impact your community

What we can offer

  • An inspiring sermon about our biblical response towards the poor and needy in the UK.
  • A presentation of 40-60 minutes, sharing the CAP story – a real journey of faith and God's power. This will also include the latest CAP film, featuring stories of transformed lives.
  • A 20-40 minute slot in a Sunday morning service, comprised of the latest CAP film and a brief talk explaining how CAP's vision is a direct expression of God's heart for the poor.
  • A 10 minute slot in a Sunday morning service (available if your church is in the vicinity of a CAP Debt Centre).

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