​Book a CAP speaker

Stories of families going without food and living in poverty are constantly in the news. 

Find out what's really going on in your community, and what God and his Church are doing about it, by booking a CAP speaker to visit your church.

We have a dedicated team of workers who give their time to share their experiences and inspire hundreds of churches that God can turn around any situation no matter how dark.

We are also able to be extremely flexible. Our range of talks can be tailored to suit your service, as outlined below.

What we can offer:

- An inspiring sermon about our biblical response towards the poor and needy in the UK.

- A presentation of 40-60 minutes, sharing the CAP story – a real journey of faith and God's power. This will also include the latest CAP film, featuring stories of transformed lives.

- A 20-40 minute slot in a Sunday morning service, comprised of the latest CAP film and a brief talk explaining how CAP's vision is a direct expression of God's heart for the poor.

- A 10 minute slot in a Sunday morning service (available if your church is in the vicinity of a CAP Debt Centre).

In some instances, we can also bring a CAP debt help client to the presentation to share their inspirational story.